Customer Complaints Policy

Kessler FG is committed to providing the highest quality products and service possible. Unfortunately, with any major renovation project, things can go wrong despite our best efforts. If you are concerned or dissatisfied, then we are committed to providing a fair and timely outcome.

How do I complain?


Oral Complaint

Complaints do not have to be in writing. Please contact our Customer Service department on 01236 222 037 to discuss any issues that you may be having.

Our Customer Service team may ask you to follow the oral complaint with an email or letter documenting your concerns and including any photos, where appropriate.

Written Complaint

Should you prefer to document your complaint in writing you can either email or post your complaint to the following addresses:
Post: FAO Customer Service Dept, 6 Deerdykes Place, Westfield. Cumbernauld G68 9HE

To help timely investigation of your complaint it is useful to provide the following information:
– Contract number
– A clear description of your complaint
– Details of the best way to contact you
– Any supporting documentation relevant to your complaint

Kessler FG are committed to providing a fair and timely outcome and, as such, commit to the following:
– We will acknowledge your complaint within 24 hours of receipt
– We will thoroughly investigate your complaint and keep you informed of our progress regularly
– We will aim to have your complaint resolved no later than 28 days after receipt
– We will give clear explanations of our findings and how we intend to rectify the issue

If you are dissatisfied with our proposed resolution you have the right to ask for an escalation of the issue. This complaint will then be reviewed by a more senior body within the company who will also follow the commitments above.

If you remain dissatisfied you can refer to The Furniture Ombudsman details of which can be found at